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Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Assalam oalaikum,

Almost each of us sees dreams every night. Though there are some people who claim not to have seen any dream, as such, but still the majority of us might have seen numerous dreams in our life. Sometimes people wake up quite pleased as they feel that they have seen a ‘good dream’ and in other instances they wake up horrified after seeing a bad dream or a nightmare. Wet dreams, which are also known as nocturnal ejaculation, are a common occurrence too in the lives of people. These are basically sexual dreams which accompany ejaculation. Prophetic dreams, on the other hand, are those which foretell some future event. So through this general information we can surmise that the dreams can be grouped into quite a few categories.

Not only dreams, but the viewpoints and attitude of the people regarding dreams can also be grouped into different categories. The first group comprises of people who claim that they do not see dreams. Then there are some others who see dreams for sure, but they tend to forget about them once they wake up. Such people believe that dreams are mere reflections of what we see, hear or think about, during the daytime. Hence, they should not be overrated. So according to such people there is no point in remembering something which is insignificant. We know that usually our brain registers only those things which seem to be important to us and whatever seems to be trivia is often forgotten easily. The second group, which undervalues dreams, does not consider them to be important. Therefore, there mind also does not seem to register dreams and they quickly forget about them.

The third group not just believes in the importance of dreams but also does so with much aplomb. They have distorted the real concept of dreams beyond recognition. Some of them believe that we can control our dreams in order to solve our problems through techniques such as dream incubation. Now most of us might have heard about the idiom ‘to sleep on it’ which means permitting our subconscious mind to process a problem while we sleep. As a matter of fact, dreams can definitely solve our problems if we manage to decode them but controlling our own dreams in something too unrealistic.

The numerous scientific theories about dreams which are making the rounds these days can be either true or untrue. The diverse opinions which we find about dreams can also be accurate. We, being Muslims, can refute them only if we find that they are not in conformity with the Holy Quran and the ahadith. Dreams have been given much importance in Islam and we find their mention in quite a few instances in the Holy Quran and several times in the ahadith. In order to benefit from the dreams which we see and in order to understand and interpret them accurately, we should first of all, be aware about the concept of dreams in Islam.
In my subsequent posts, I shall Inshallah decode the dreams in the light of Islam and I shall throw light upon their significance in our day to day lives.    

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fazil said...

Assalam , i need help regarding dreams . I have nightmares every now
and then , i did not have them before since a year or two its started
, even my sister and mother . Due to this i'm not able to get enough
sleep and causing trouble . We've been to hazrath's but nothin ever
happened . Please help as soon as possible .

Anonymous said...

Asslam o Aaikum dear sir.
i have to knew that you are an interpreter of dreams.please guide e me in my one dream which make me disturbed most of time.this dream about whom i am telling you about 2 years ago i have seen.
i see that am on a canal pull(a four side way) on a bed with the person whom i love, my face is in khana kaba (masjid e haram)
side and he is in my back.we both are lay on the bed and he is playing with my hairs which are on my face and am smiling.
please tell me whats the meaning of this dream ?is it in my favor or not??
am waiting for your reply very anxiously .
best regards

Anonymous said...

i need help i keep dreaming of fighting and also sihr of blockage is done on e

can you recommend amal

allah hafiz

Anonymous said...

assalamalaikum maulvi sb thank you.

i want to ask you meaning of two dreams if you can interpret,
i dream of rasool Allah s.a.w in 2009 .he was in a area like sand or desert.wearing beige /camel colour kurta pyjama .his face was illuminated radiant beautyful.he was smilimg at me and shook hands with me .and then focus shifted to his beard which was extremely beautiful soft shining smooth dark brownish with few white hair.and behind prophet Mohammad saw sun was shining...not behind but its light illuminating his face even more. then he went away but i think he mentioned about going for some work so ...but he was looking back at me
2nd dream is two days ago i saw i was in my grandmother's house on the terrace and its night and i saw the sky with a group of stars shining brightly and changing slight sequence like turning over yet shining not disappearing .i saw them in two diff sides of sky i think.

Anonymous said...

Assalam o alykum sir, mera naam imran hai.meri walida mar chuki hai hai panch saal ho gaye hain.lekin aksar khwab mein apne bachpan k waqt khyal ata hai.woh mujhe bol rahi hoti hain ye lao woh lao aisa karo waisa karo.. kabhi kabhi sar sabz kheton mein unko ghoomte huve dekhta hoon.ek do din pehle woh mujhe milien k main india mein hoon bus stop par woh woh ache libas mein kala chashma lagaye mere saath hain.main ankh khulne k baad dar sa gaya.. kyun k na to woh chashma lagati 4hien na hi hum kabhi india gaye main spain mein rehta hoon.aor pakistani hoon.. main ne ghar fone kar k baap aor bhai ko saqke keliye kahaa aor ghar mein quran shreef bhi padhaya khud bhi aor molvi saabko bula kar.. aaj rat aor bura khab dekha k main mere kisi bhai k saath hoon ek jaga jate hain wahan bahot saare kute mare pade hain aor wahan par kux insaano ki bhi gali sadi bodiea padi hain ei kuyta bhi nazar aati hai apne bache k saath mari pqdi hqi gali sadi hui in sab ka kya matalb plz help

Anonymous said...

Reply to imran form india

Assalam oalaikum,
Mare hue kutte etc shaitan ka dikhaya hua khwab hai jis se wo sirf aap ko daraana chah raha hai. Is tarah ke dil bura kar dene wale khwab dekhne ke fauran baad 3 dafa dry spit kar den left side mein
Sabz khet wale khwab ke through aap ki waaldah yeh message convey karna chati hain ke woh jahan bhi hain - aaraam se hain. woh aap ko itminaan dilaana chahti hain.
India ke bus stop wala khwab yeh depict karta hai ke aap ko dar hai ke kahin aap ki waaldah aap ke maamle mein badal na gai hon, lekin aisi tension na lein, kyun koi ma apne bache ke liye kabhi nahin badal sakti.

Anonymous said...

Reply to 4th comment from india

Aap ke zehen mein khauf aya hoga ke Rasool Paak (pbuh) ka daur guzar chuka hai aur ab duniya kaafi badal gai hai lekin aap ko yeh tension nahin leni chahiye kyunki Rasool Paak (pbuh) ko aapne registaan mein beige color ke kapdon mein dekha hai.
According to wikepedia: Desert sand is a brilliant tan color which resembles the color of desert sand. It may also be regarded as a deep tone of beige.
Is se yeh symbolize kiya gaya hai ke Rasool Paak (pbuh) is duniya mein rache base hue hain..aur woh itne powerful hain ke un ka naam aj bhi zinda hai is duniya mein aur hamesha zinda rahega. Lehaza aap ko tension mein nahin padna chaiye.

second dream ka interpration yeh hai:
aap ko yeh khauf hai ke kahin umar raseeda hone per aap ko log kahin bhool na jaen lekin aap ka will-power kafi strong hai jis ke waje se aap aged hone ke baad bhi famous rahenge InshaAllah. Hope you are satisfied with my answer.

Anonymous said...

dear sir
mujhe ur meri behn ko kai dino se musalsal ye khawabein aa rahi hain.
1 me apne aap ko bilkul brehna dekhti hon ur koi ghalat kaam mere saath ker raha hai
2 mere walid saheb khawab me buhat gusse me nazar aate hain ya bilkul charpai per bilkul sudh lete nazar aate hain.
3 mere walid ur bhai ko mein is terha dekhti hon ke wo charpaeeon per lete hain ur un ki body bilkul dead hai magre meri soteli maa un ke paas khare ho ker kuch perthi hain to un ke uper kaale rangin ke bhaari bharkum un hi ki shaklon ke do jin nama aadmi bethe hote hain jo mujhe maarne ko perte hain.
4 me apni soteli walda ko khawab me do dekhti hon hamesha
5 mujhe ur meri behn ko us ke susral wale khawab me bilkul kaale rangon ke dikhte hain ur wo buhat ziada hans rahe hote hain
6 mujhe hamesha apne rishte daar khawab me fitna phelate,hamara janaza perhate nazr aate hain
7 mujhe khawab me kaala pani peshaap gandagi na maloom mard ur auratein nazr aate hain meri behn ko bhi
8 me ur meri behn hamesha khawab me mushaqat wala kaam dekhte hain.katal o gharat ,zulm
9 hamare ghar me har waqt lari hoti rehte hai.
10 me ur mera bhai ur behn hum teeno ke her kaam me rukawat hai.

Anonymous said...

Salam mji gandage nazar ati hy waham ki surat my jasay mery sath hay ... ye sab pichly 3month say hora hy .. my bilkul thek the phly .. plz muji aj he javab dain plzzzzzz

Anonymous said...

khwaab mein kisi bhi qism ki bhi ghilaazat (jaise ke urine, stool etc) nazar aana sifli ki alaamat hoti hai

Anonymous said...

Waalaikum asssalam,
khwaab mein kisi bhi qism ki bhi ghilaazat (jaise ke urine, stool etc) nazar aana sifli ki alaamat hoti hai

Anonymous said...

Reply from India:
Aap ke 10 khwabon ki taabeer yeh hai:

1.Aap ka koi rishtedar aap ko takleef pahunchaane ki garaz se aap ko ruswa aur zaleel karwaane ke liye sifli karwa raha hai.

2.Aap ki soteli ma aap ke walid per sifli karwa rahi hai jis ki agar rok thaam nahin ki gai to aage chal ker un ki shaksiyat ghaer mutawaazan (imbalanced personality) ho jaegi. Un ko ehtiyaat karni padegi bahut-baawazu rahna padega jahan tak ho sake aur namaz ki paabandi karni padegi warna nuksaan hoga.

3.Aap ki soteli ma chahti hai ke aap log chaen se na ji paaein, is liye woh aap ke waalid aur bhai per sifli karwa rahi hai taaki aap sab log aapas mein ladte jhagadte rahein hamesha.

4.Haalanki aap ki soteli maa andar hi andar aap sab logon ko ladwaana chahti hai lekin ooper se woh seedi bani rahti hai.yani dual personality

5.Aap ki behen ke susraal wale us per sifli karwaa rahe hain us ka tamaasha banwaana chate hain aur beizzati karwaana chate hain. Aap ki behen ko chalte phirte Surah Falaq, Surh Naas aur Ayatal kursi padhna shuru kar dena chaiye.

6.Aaap ke rishtedar haasid hain aur aap logon ko pareshan dekhna chate hain

7.Aap ke ooper gande amal kiye jaate hain

8.Aap ke aur aap ki behen ke kaamon ko bigaadne ke liye log aap dono ko tension dete hain aur pareshaan kare hain

aap ki soteli ma, behen ke susraal waale aur baqi rishtedaron ki harkaton ki waje se aap ke ghar ka mahaul bigad gaya hai. Aap logon ko bahut zyada ibaadat karne ki zarurat hai.

Anonymous said...

Maine khwaab mein ek janaza jaate hue dekha woh bhi door se. Iska kya matlab hai?

Anonymous said...

Assalamoalaikum mai y Janna chahti hu ki mjhe kaye mahino se khwab m bacha dikhai deta hai kbhi kisi dusre ki gode mein to kbhi dusre k gode se apni gode me leti hu .kbhi khelte huye bache dikhai dete hai or sare bache khubsurat hi dkhte hai..jbki mai unmarried hu..Plz bataye iski kya tabeer hai