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Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Assalam oalaikum,

After going through my previous posts I think those who are interested in dream interpretation will be all set for this tough yet interesting task.

Once we start observing and keeping a note of all our dreams we can learn a lot through our own experience. Life is the best teacher and each new dream will enrich our experience, thereby increasing our command over the subject of dream interpretation.

In the sixth step, in order to interpret our dreams methodically, we will have to classify them into four broad groups so that the seemingly daunting task of interpreting them becomes easier for us to handle.

Black magic related dreams
Recurring dreams
Symbolic dreams

The first group, i.e. nightmares has been only mentioned here but I shall not go into its details as I have explained its meaning and the ways in which it should be dealt, in my previous post: THE SECOND STEP IN DREAM INTERPREATION (link add kar den)

I have also discussed about the second category of black magic related dreams in my blog HYPERLINK "" .

In this post, I shall discuss about the third category of recurring dreams, which refer to those cases in which people tend to see the same type of dream, intermittently. For example, we know that Allah (swt) tests those amongst us, whom He loves, through various tests and tribulations. The people who have to face these tests often see dreams about appearing in exams. The examination halls which they see symbolize life, in general, whereas the exams they seemingly appear for in their dream, symbolize the test which they are made to go through by Allah (swt). Allah (swt) wishes to tests our patience and faith in Him by putting us to test. Now this is a basic and general explanation about such dreams. The dreams which are related to exams may vary between different people, depending on their different situations. For example: a woman who was well-educated suddenly fell on hard times. Her husband suffered from an unrecoverable loss in business due to which her life came crumbling down. Allah (swt) had put her and her family to test through this ordeal. She remained steadfast and her situation improved gradually. At one point in life she saw a dream that she was appearing for her graduation exam all over again. She felt perplexed and thought to herself (in her dream) that why is she appearing for the exam all over again, since she is already a graduate. Her dream gave her the message that she will not have to face the problems which she has faced hitherto, again in her life. At another point in life, the same woman saw in a dream that she was appearing for a test but the paper was of a subject which was totally new for her. She had neither studied for it nor prepared for it. Her dream implied that she should not feel bewildered because of the new tests that Allah (swt) makes us go through in life as we will be sufficiently rewarded for each one of them.

Some people often dream of setting forth on a journey either by railway or some other mode of transport. Generally speaking such dreams mostly reflect the hardships we face through the journey of life. Journeys, as most would agree, usually cause discomfort. Those who are facing some ordeal in life are more prone to seeing such dreams. However, there can be some variations in the dreams as each person has a different type of problem. There was a woman who had to go through many trials in life but she was destined to emerge triumphant eventually due to her steadfastness and unwavering faith in Allah (swt). Once she simply saw a train crossing a river bridge in her dream. Now even a layman will be able to decipher this dream easily. We know for sure that when the train in which we are traveling crosses a river bridge it gives the jitters to almost everyone because of the river below. Moreover, we also know that this jittery feeling is temporary because the train takes very less time to cross the river bridge. So this dream indicated that the woman may be going through a rough patch in her life but soon after her life will become smoothly- sailing and her struggles will gradually come to an end.
Dreams can either be somewhat general or else they can be specific and unique. For example, the general dreams can be interpreted by a dream interpreter easily after getting to know the background of the person who saw the dream. However, if the dream is specific then it will be easier for the one who saw the dream to crack it rather than for someone else. For example: if a person has become very greedy under the influence of Satan and his faith is at stake so he may be shown a dream for guidance so that he does not go astray. We know that dreams cannot be taken at face value since they use symbolic language. Now suppose that man watches a television soap regularly in which there is an old lady who is very greedy. Now this particular old lady will become a symbol of greed for that man. The dream, which will be shown to him for guidance, may show that old lady stumbling and falling down and spoiling her lovely dress. If the man is clever enough then he will get the hint. He will understand that the dream means that if he does not stop being greedy then he may end up tarnishing his reputation.
Interpreting dreams successfully requires a little bit of common sense apart from spiritual insight. If one is spiritual and good at meditation then focusing our thoughts on the dream can also help us get guidance from our own self or soul/sub-conscience.

In my next post, I shall discuss about the fourth and the last category of dreams, i.e. the symbolic dreams, Inshallah.
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