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Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Assalam oalaikum,

Now since we know what a dream is and how it occurs so let us now move on to its interpretation.
The most common hurdle in dream interpretation, which is faced by many people, is the inability to recall their dreams. Those who cannot remember their dreams may not necessarily have a weak memory yet they forget about their dreams once they wake up. So how can they interpret them and find out the message their dreams try to convey to them? Well, if such people change their outlook towards dreams then definitely they will pay more attention towards their dreams. If they attach importance to their dreams only then will they be able to recall them easily. Secondly, those people who know the value of dreams are mentally prepared to interpret their dreams before leaving their bed on waking up. So if a person is suddenly awakened by an alarm clock and then jumps out of the bed in a hurry then there are fewer chances of his or her being able to recall what they saw in their dreams. If using an alarm to wake up is imperative then at least some time should be spend in the bed in order to remember whatever one saw while sleeping and to make a note of it. Waking up all of a sudden and then immediately getting involved in the daily activities can be detrimental to recalling one’s dreams.
One can slowly start practicing how to remember the dreams and if we succeed in doing so then half the battle is almost won!
Once you start recalling your dreams you will find that you may either see just one dream or multiple dreams, each night. Don’t worry about their number because once you make up your mind to decode the message of each dream of yours, recalling each of them will be cakewalk for you.
It is not surprising that dream interpretation has not been regarded by Islam as a science or an art, but it is considered to be a form of spiritual exercise. Focusing, recalling and analyzing one’s dreams require spiritual strength and meditation. Many people like solving sudoku puzzles, which appear daily in almost every newspaper and tabloid. They find it akin to meditation as they have to focus a lot on the brainteaser, in order to find out the solution. Meditation, as we know, also involves focusing on a single object. Likewise, dream interpretation is also similar to meditation because it requires us to focus our attention on each dream. So for those who strike a right chord between materialism and spirituality, dream interpretation cannot be an arduous task; as compared to those who are out and out materialistic. If a person who has a materialistic outlook is keen on learning how to interpret his or her dreams, then such a person will have to start from scratch. On the other hand, for those who have a spiritual outlook and who meditate often, interpreting dreams will be comparatively easier.

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