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Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Assalam oalaikum,

In this post, I shall be discussing about the dreams which are by and large symbolic. But we already know that all dreams speak to us in a symbolic language. So what is so special about the dreams which I have decided to discuss here, separately? Well, what makes these dreams slightly different from others is that they have a common meaning. Though the recurring dreams, such as those of traveling or appearing for exams, also exhibit a common meaning but the symbolic dreams are not recurring dreams. They occur only once in a while when the occasion arises. I shall clear the air about these dreams in this post, Inshallah.

Before I go into the details I shall like to remind the readers that dreams are not supposed to be taken at face value. For example, a man who is driving a car in his dream recklessly does not mean that the man is not a good driver and that he should drive safely. The car symbolizes his life and his reckless driving symbolizes his living at neck-break speed and the dream would signify that the man needs to be more careful in life. So as far as a dream is concerned, in most cases, it cannot be taken just like it is. Effort has to be made in order to understand its hidden meaning through the clues which each dream offers to us.

Now let us come back to the main point of the symbolic dreams, which are quite common and many people may see them at some point of the other in their life.
Some people see their teeth falling in a dream. They see that handful of teeth keep falling into their hands. They may throw them once but they fall again. Unfortunately, those who try to interpret dreams merely with their intellect or reasoning but sans a spiritual insight tend to interpret dreams superficially. They may take pains to interpret this dream and then they may reach a conclusion that teeth symbolize our health or our beauty or maybe some other thing. However, a careful analysis of this common seen dream means that a person (who sees it) should not let him or her get affected by the tensions that others around him give to him. Surprised? Well, once you are able to unravel the mystery of dreams, you will find that nothing is impossible here. Once a man told me that he dreamt that he had won a jackpot and he felt exuberant. I interpreted his dream for him and told him that his father was ill due to which the man was feeling quite tensed. His father handled the entire family matters very well as such and the man feared that if something untoward happened to his father then things would become quite difficult for him. However, the dream gave him the good news that his father’s illness is temporary and he will soon recover fro it. So the man should stop worrying unnecessarily. According to the ahadith which we I have mentioned earlier in this blog, this dream was a source of glad tidings for this man as it had some good news for him. On hearing this interpretation the man got puzzled. He could not help wondering that how could winning a jackpot have got to anything to do with his father’s illness. Both seemed to be so diametrically opposite. However, he also revealed that he was actually quite upset since the last few days in the wake of his father’s health problem.
The second symbolic dream that occurs at some point of life is that of construction. It could either be an entire building being constructed, a house or maybe just a part of the house. This dream symbolizes death. Yes, the dreams which inform us about the death of a person will not actually show him dying since dreams have a symbolic language. The message of death is conveyed to us through construction based dreams. For example: a young girl saw a huge construction site in her dream and her father was going towards that site, hurriedly. However, the girl caught hold of his hand and pulled him away from that place. Some after seeing this dream the girl’s father suffered from a massive heart attack and he had to go through a complicated heart surgery. However, the surgery was successful and her father survived. Therefore, her dream meant that her father was going to have a close shave in life. In another case, a man saw himself doing some construction work in his old house where he used to live. He saw this dream many times in life and each time he saw it one of his relative passed away. So the man learnt through his personal experience that construction in a dream symbolizes death. There is another symbolic dream which implies death and that is seeing a marriage or a feast in one’s dream. However, a point which should be noted here is that a dream pertaining to marriage can also mean something else besides death but a dream related to a feast has to imply death, no matter what. For example: a woman had an ailing mother, who was quite old and hospitalized. According to the doctors, there was some hope of recovery as the old lady had a very strong will to live. However, the woman saw in a dream that a feast was going on in her mother’s house and the woman was feeling anxious that how would she be able to accommodate so many guests. Her mother passed away a couple of weeks after she saw this dream.

In my next concluding post, I shall explore the topic of wet dreams in the light of Islam. I would like to end this post with a little exercise for the readers.
“A woman remembered having seen a dream during her childhood that a tiger had swallowed her and she could feel herself sliding into his stomach. Later on she could hear a rumbling sound within the lion’s stomach”. Definitely this dream of hers did not have anything to do with her childhood days, but it was related to her whole life, in a general sense. I shall interpret this dream for my readers in my next post. Till then, happy dream interpretation!

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