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Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Assalam oalaikum,

A common mistake that people usually make while interpreting dreams is that they tend to forget that our dreams are presented before us in a coded form and in a symbolic language. Therefore, taking our dream as it is would be a mistake just like it would be a mistake, on our part, to take people at face value. So firstly, we need to understand that whatever is shown to us in a dream can have a hidden meaning also. The exercise of interpreting our dreams requires patience and racking our brains just as we would do to solve a riddle.

As I have discussed earlier, dream interpretation will definitely be a tougher exercise for those people who are not into meditation as compared to those who are not new to meditation. A meditative mind can focus on a dream longer and in a better way as compared to an easily distracted mind.

Our dreams give us a hint, whether directly or indirectly, clearly or subtly;   about the message they try to give to us.   Even a single hint is enough for a wise person to be able to understand the hidden meaning of the dream. However, if we miss this hint/clue then we may end up in utter confusion.
Being able to recall a dream is like a battle half won. Firstly, we need to observe minutely whatever we saw. Do not worry even if it seems Greek to you but what is important is that you remembered your dream. It does not make much difference as to how much time you had to invest in tying to understand your dream. What is actually important is that you finally managed to interpret your dream. I have ignored the time factor here due to a sound reason. You may have heard people saying that I shall do this when the time is ripe of I shall give her this news when the time is ripe. This means that certain things need to be done or told only at a certain time or at the right time. Likewise, our dreams also carry some message for us but some of them need to be told to us only when the time is ripe. Otherwise, there are chances that we will not be able to understand the dream at all.
For example: A girl suffers from some dreadful disease and she loses all hope of survival. Her exams are round the corner but her chances of recovering are less, though not nil. Let us suppose that this girl is actually destined to not only survive her illness but also to be miraculously able to appear for her exams and pass with flying colors. Now if this girl is shown a dream, during her terrible illness, regarding her success in the exams (in a symbolic way) will she be able to believe in her dream? Certainly not! Due to her current ordeal she will not be able to understand that how will she be able to perform such an amazing feat. Such a dream will become comprehensible to her only when she is able to appear for her exams. Otherwise during her state of illness it will be beyond her imagination to even appear for the exams.
There are chances that this girl will ignore her dream, since she will not be able to relate to it at all, during her illness. However, the same dream will flash across her mind when she is recuperating and has become hopeful of appearing in the exams. So she will suddenly remember her dream when the time is ripe.

This is the reason why I have not paid much attention to the time factor, were dream interpretation is concerned!

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