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Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Assalam oalaikum,
The ahadith inform us that dreams can either be nightmares, which are shown to us by Satan or else they can be enlightening dreams from Allah (swt), which again can either be a source of glad tidings/ good news or they may simply be means through which our faith can get strengthened.
Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) said, ‘True dreams are from Allah and bad dreams are from Shaitan’. (Sahih Bukhari)
 Since centuries have passed away after the demise of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) so the dreams shown to us by Allah (swt) have become the source through which we can get enlightenment and also we can fortify our faith.
Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) said, ‘Nothing is left of prophethood except glad tidings. Those with him asked him, ‘What are glad tidings? He replied, ‘Good dreams’.
Now since we have a fair idea about the type of dreams which we may see let us now move on to the next step in interpreting dreams. Once we start observing our dreams and recollecting them we will find that dreams occur haphazardly, i.e. on certain days we may not see any dream at all whereas on other days we may see a plethora of dreams. The second step in dreams interpretation is to sort out the dreams. The dreams that are shown to us by Satan are meant to scare us. They are the nightmares which may give us gooseflesh and they leave a bad taste in the mouth. The aim of Satan is to weaken our faith which he tries to fulfill by showing us frightening dreams. For example, a woman loves her only child a lot and she prays to Allah (swt) after every namaz for his long life. She is hopeful that Allah (swt) will answer her prayers and she will not lose her only child to some disease. Since Satan knows how insecure and emotional the woman is regarding her child so he may cunningly try to exploit her insecurity by showing her a scary dream in which she will see herself losing her child forever. Now if the woman is prudent enough to understand that such a dream can be shown only by Satan then she will never believe in the dream. However, if she does not have any idea about the tricks Satan does through the dreams so it is possible that she will lose hope and her faith will get weakened. She will feel that her prayers have gone unheard and her loss of faith will be Satan’s gain.
Therefore, it is of utmost importance that we are able to identify our dreams. The simplest way of identifying the dreams which are shown to us by Satan is that they create tensions in our mind. Such dreams do not need any interpretation at all although they may seemingly have a story to tell. Since the intention of Satan is to scare us so we should thwart his plans by not believing in what we see. Satan can never show anyone a true dream as it is beyond his capacity. He only revels in delusions and in cunning deception.
Moreover, as I have discussed in my previous posts, such scary dreams should be dealt in the following manner:
They should not be discussed with anybody lest we start taking them to be true.
We should spit (dry) thrice towards our left side once we wake up after the dream.
For further protection from the evil effect of the dream we can offer two rakat namaz.
We should change the side on which we were lying when we saw the bad dream.
By following these four steps we will be seeking refuge of Allah (swt) from Satan and thereby, we will get protection from the evil effects of the dream.
Once we identify the nightmares shown to us by Satan and we follow the above mentioned steps of dealing with them, the remaining dreams will be the good ones which are meant to give us good news or else they are meant to fortify our faith.
So in the second step in dream interpretation we will be sorting out our dreams and we will filter out the Satanic dreams. The remaining dreams are the good ones, which I shall discuss in my next post, Inshallah.

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